Monday, January 16, 2012

Gespents Custom WIP2

Work in Progress for today... effin hot day today ><  and was sweatin like hell when i was modding the  Gespents xD's my progression for today :)
used couple of runners to do little plating on my own. yeah they're kinda thick though..
 also used some spares from the Wagtail Parts which i've not used :P
Added some to the side of the horn
used 2 of ehm for the Backpack (Note* this might be temporary)
Plated the a little bit :x
Used the parts from wagtail to add to the shoulders and cut out the flat runners :)
and also. some tiny bits of details to it.. Smudges cuz i added the cement a little to much :)
The day iz so hot =~=... so hot...

That's the end of the post :) stay tune for the next post =)


  1. hmm backpack reminds me of Optimus's jetpack lol

  2. LOLLOL! xD .without the gatling guns xD