Friday, November 25, 2011

MG 00 Gundam 7Swords/g WIP01

Finally got this dude bwahahhahaha ^A^ after 2 months on gunpla break (except F91) i think i've decided to get back to the Gunpla Fever once more ^^. still haven't found a job yet T__T". so might pause on the Transformers for awhile (methinks).. :meh: ..
used black marker to paint around the eye.. wasn't easy lucky no smudges.. so then i tested it by placing ehm together.. was to dark.. so decided to cut out one of the sticker to place on the eye.
oh and also i've got 4 Leds for free so gonna find some Batteries tomorrow.

anyways.. Here is My Progression So far. since i just came back from my old school.. went there to pay a visit. hehehe.
Done with the head.. took like 40minutes to do head.. hehe

Side view
back view

Panel lined the frame. sadly i don't have brown ;_;
To Be continued.............……………………………………

This is the end of the post ^^ will continue more tomorrow because me wants to play Team fortress 2.


  1. Christiam Alberto Guzmán LagunNovember 26, 2011 at 5:12 AM

    i was wondering... you have a lot of toys... and you insist that you don’t have a job... so maybe you work at a bank (or robbing a bank) LOL... now seriously, for me is really hard to buy what i like, so to buy toys there, where you live, must be pretty cheap or your family is a great "patron" HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Hehe yeah i do have a lot of toys ahaha xD 
    my mind now is stuck.. To Work or Not To Work. because only things that stopping me is the College and my Parents =/.
    yeah i can agree with u... TF,Gunpla, Kamen Riders, SRW OMG =-=". hmmmm Wouldn't say it was cheap ;) hehe as long there is a SALE its worth paying for xD LOLOL RObbing bank xD

  3. 4 led for free? where did u buy it? I got MG 00Rasier but sadly only one led. (T_T)

  4. hmm got it as a gift from my mom when she was working at Kuala Lumpur. hehe yes 4 Leds for Free ^^ so not quite sure which Gundam store she went too hehehehehehehehhe