Sunday, November 27, 2011

MG 00 Gundam 7Swords/G Review

Just finished off the Master Grade 1/100 Scale 00 Gundam 7Swords/G from the 00V which is from the comic series.. would like to give a nickname to this guy... COMIC BOOK GUY because.. he appears only in the Comics.. along with Astrea,1.5...etc.. so far this is a really great kit. Something worth Buying and Building. i tested out the LEDs today. but I'm Sadly Sorry to say i can't post 00 with LEDs because it had a battery Fitting Problem =/.. I really love the Details For this Kit. The GN Drives has a Lock part so that the GN Drives won't tilt down if it was Holding 0 Raiser's Wings or GN Buster Sword and GN Blaster II. Good THing i didn't Screw up the decals. hehe and this have very Little Decals unlike the NG 1/100 Designer's Version.
Front View
Rear View

now an every Models there's the Positive and the NEgatives. i've already said the Positives. for the Negative side is that some of the Joints/pegs are weak. for example the arm sometimes comes off. really Heavy and might fall off the Action base 1. so this kit needs alot of patience.. but apparently i've lost my patience on one part =-="

Now carrying on to .

Action and Gimmicks:

GN Sword Blaster II

GN Buster Shield. Sadly no LED active T^T
GN Blaster II Sword mode
GN Sword II Long (don't think of anything else ;) )
GN Sword II Short
GN Katars
GN Buster Sword. THis is one of the Most Toughest Pose i've ever Done in my Gunpla Experince. i had to like use a Stand for this..
This is the End of Post~
Will add More Soon ;)

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