Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HGUC 1/144 JEsta WIP2

fast right? i know =-=" . so anyways i decided to change the design. gonna leave some of the original and paint White on certain Sections ;D Here's my progression so far.. only did the top body =_= finished the waist...sort of......and now my worse nightmare... legs =-="

Modified the Rifle. used the grenade launcher from Sinanju and removed the Grip Holder of the gun.
Follows like COD* RUNAWAY* XD
Rain has stopped so managed to spray both shoulders :3 and added Arios' Beam Rifle on the Left Shoulder
Did some research on what i wanted to do on the Jesta and i found this. i kinda like the design.well i'm not gonna follow exactly because i ain't got no pla plates :(. so i'll do what ever i can on my Jesta :D

end of the post. Stay tune for more :D


  1. nice bro! good concept!

  2. Thanks. And i'm nearly to the end Building it XD