Thursday, October 13, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Jesta Custom Completed

Finally finished with the Jesta custom :3. didn't follow as i planned but i'm good. Kinda like the design now hahahhaahah XD
for these past few days building Jesta. i Kinda enjoy myself as it is my first Grunt Mobile Suite. i've never bought any Grunts before. Mostly on the main characters but that's what we mostly got too. just placed the last weapon which i took from Blu Duel Gundam ^_^. so i tried to follow like Metabots.. XD I want 2 more rocket pods for the legs. :(

Now He's a Solidier so I'mma gonna use This video to relate...sort of.. :P

anyways here are some Gimmicks and Action Review and one Edited Picture Made by me.
Enjoy! ;D

Mini Gun Test. Looks Good.

RIfle with Grenade Launcher from Sinanju
Full Burst mode. Weapons Active
Combat mode. the Rocket Pods have 4 functions
1: Held on the backpack
2:Can  be used as shield
3:Shoots Rockets (a duh)
4:as Boxing Gloves to be the crap of every single one of ehm
Going Asian
edited picture. Loads of using Magic wand to remove the background and googled for  "Destroyed city"
Added my Armored Unicorn Custom into it as he's part of the UC :).
Will try to upload more photos. Thank You For Viewing, Hope to reenter G-Shot this year :D

Hope you Enjoy the Pictures ;D 


  1. Nice one Bro! Full Weapon Jesta.

    Somehow I keep thinking of VF with Super Armor Pack....

  2. Thanks :D i just love Weapons 8D 
    lol XD 

  3. Buahah nice one bro!!! And so fast!!! 

    I love the back pack and shoulder armors keke!!

  4. Thanks KELVIN! ^___^
    hehhee me too :3

  5. Dayyum~ Makes me wanting to get a HongLi Harute or Arios...Cool backpack is cool.

  6. thanks ^___^. 
    Get it nyahahaha XD and come up with ur own Design :P