Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Transformers:Dark of the Moon Mechtech SkyHammer

Here is the Transformers DOTM: MEchTech Sky Hammer . can't do much poses cuz some of the joints are not ball bearing... so i had to use the Gundam Stand to hold it.. it keeps falling back.. ah well. the Figurine is great =) love the mech tech weapon.. apparently i haven't painted it yet =/
Also used Dry Brushing Technique and did some weathering using Acrylic Paints

First Part Robot Mode:
Also Panel Lined The head =)

How i wish the legs were ball joints.. 

The Gun Becomes a Claw =D 

Part II Vehicle Mode:
Helicopter Mode. Like the Design of the helicopter. 
my first AirCraft Transformers Figurine

Painted the Exhaust fumes apparently i didn't do a very good job ;_;

Side View

Well Hope U like it ^_^
~mecha X kamen Rider


  1. skyhammer! recently just watched the review on it, minus the head, looks very nice! and yeah, the head is kinda like Kamen Rider Eternal lol

  2. Totally agree haha X D like the helicopter Design +D