Friday, September 16, 2011

Transformers DOTM: mechtech RoadBuster

Here's my review on the Deluxe Class Transformers Dark of the Moon Mechtech RoadBuster. Well as usual i don't jUst buy and place for display nonononono i'm not doing that any more . Did some Touch ups.  Before i did the dry Brushing... i used Acrylic Paint to paint the Frames..then used Brown acrylic to have the Rusty Effect. then today dry brushed with the gundam Marker =3. Oh And also this figurine had couple of i repainted them
Touch ups

I really  like design and the transforming is really easy.. i didn't had to look at the manual to see how it has to be transformed LOL. 
Might Repaint Missile Pods..
Vehicle mode
Collection so far T^T need moore!
Here's the end of the POST.. only one review LOL.. but its okay i labeled it under Transformers =)
Hope You Enjoy :D


  1. Nice use of dry brushing there mate!

  2. THanks :D so what ever TFs I Buy (except if they were from the cartoon Series) I'll PAINT EHM +D 

  3. looks nice. although some of the unpainted plastic looks kinda un-matching

  4. @aaa74f0d973467aacba9aadf54e085b4 Thanks =D .. i can paint.. but the problem. is.. .i have to do A lot of MASKING D=