Friday, September 30, 2011

Next Project

after looking through various types of Beginning Gundam Customs and including the J and D versions... i've decided to Customize my Beginning 30 Gundam

since the new custom ones have very nice designs .. i'm trying to plan to follow abit like it and change a few colors. like the Beginning Gundam J has blades and its red.. i'll  try to find some big swords for HGs.. hmm Sword Impulse maybe?
the bottom picture.. i can mod the gun?

and since mine can function one hand to hold the blade.... i'll have to think outside the box to figure out which hg has the same hands as beginning gundam.
maybe used from unicorn? borrow to be exact :)
we'll see out it goes.. so for now planning

This is mine :)
oh and also will be getting the HGUC Jesta this sunday (i hope so) from one shop i usually go to near my area :) then its to the group Build :D

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