Saturday, September 24, 2011

MG Exia CUstom WIP2

continued my work at night after Magrib Prayers =) 
painted the left knee armor haven't done the right one =P
Used Runners so it can hold the 0 raiser Binders on the shoulders
weapon mod FAIL! T_T

Try to give me suggestions for my Weapon Problem =S
Putty and Pla Plates(from Runners :P)

WIP3 is in this link HERE!!!!!!! WIP3


  1. Using runner as the base frame for the weapon would be best choice, but the downfall was it will look more bulky than right now, not to mention the weight.

    The blade should merge with the rifle instead of seperate it, from my opinion lah. :3

  2. good idea though hahhaaXD and yes its quite heavy =3

    Running low in Runners :(( hurdur D: