Saturday, July 30, 2011

MG EPyon Gundam Review 1

THis is kit is okay i guess ^^ love the gimmicks and everything. sad part are the wings.. keeps falling.. juz the right side. but the kit is freaking awesome ^^ Also did some weathering on it. Black Marker of course and dry Brushed it with the silver marker ^^. sadly i don't have TOuch Marker. if not i could give it more details haha

that's the end of my review since the rest on Facebook click the link to see more.. if you can't add me. My facebook page is on top of the big screen showing sliding pics ^^


  1. NICE !!! Can't wait to built MG Epyon. Btw Nice weathering ur epyon. Really suitable.

  2. hey thanks man ^^ also can't wait to see ur MG Epyon haha XD i couldn't use much weathering on my epyon though :(.