Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Extra Touch Ups

For this post, I used Black Gundam Marker. So i followed the tutorial in the instruction manual from Forever Gundam since GPB kits give good ideas to touch up Model kits ^^. so what i used are Cotton Bud and Tissue. MArked the placed and then used the Cotton bud to brush it down. i used on the shield chest and the Rest of the Armor Sections

Closer View on the legs


  1. macam aku pnye gundam pas letak top coat... ink die trkluar.... buruk jadi nye... ce ko pkai weathering set ke bru mantap...

  2. haha. aku ni pakai marker blm ada beli Weathering set lagi TAT" 

  3. LOLOLOL nseb bek yang ni murah... ak malas nk rosakkan gunpla2 aku.. mungkin pas keje byk duet bru buat hahaha