Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Jesta WIP III

done? hmmm not yet hahas. Some parts still needs to be painted.
i decided to remove the gun on the shoulder.. apparently it didn't go well as i taught it would. BUT! i placed with Seravee's GNHW parts... so to bad for the Beginning Gundam Custom. :P.
so anyways. i decided to have a very simple design for the JEsta Custom ^_^. Instead of "Medic" color.. wanted Black and white :D

Front View
Rear View
need to repair that scar ;_;. Cut out runners so that the Rocket Pods can be held on
the cut out part from the runner still needs to be sand..... then can repaint it black or maybe White?
WIP to fast?
lol Still under Progress.. hahaha
Stay tune.. will do more tomorrow...since the sun is slowly setting down ^___^

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